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Ceremonies in East Sussex

Approved Caterers

The following partner businesses are approved for catering for weddings and celebratory ceremonies at Southover Grange.

You must have booked a Gold or Platinum package before contracting one of our approved caterers. Catering services are arranged directly with the caterer you choose, and are charged separately directly by them.

Approved Caterers List

Please make your choice from the list below, bearing in mind what services they offer, by visiting your preferred caterer's website and contacting them directly.

  • Gastro Catering

Contact: Aaron Douglass Bailey

Phone: 01903 205923


Visit Gastro Catering for more information

“Formed in 2008, Gastro Catering has been building on its reputation as a unique caterer operated by professionals who serve their clients with experience, knowledge and passion. Gastro have a modern approach to catering, innovating at every opportunity to offer clientele the very newest trends in events catering. Our development kitchens are the hive of the business where our customer’s dreams are turned into reality.”

Services available:

* Platinum package only

  • LK Weddings Ltd

Contact: Louise Henkel or Katie Jones

Phone:  01825 722774 or 01825 723226 (9am-5pm); 07791 505303 (Louise Henkel); 07702 358461 (Katie Jones)


Visit LK Weddings Ltd website, for more information

Based in Plumpton, East Sussex, Louise’s Kitchen provides delicious, stylish catering for all events. At Louise’s Kitchen we care about our food, going beyond standard to produce excellent food from the finest ingredients."

Services available:

* Platinum package

* Gold package

  • Vamos Paella

Contact: Melissa Melly

Phone: 01273 550524 or 07815582231


Visit Vamos Paella for more information

“We are passionate about Spanish food and specialise in cooking authentic tapas for weddings, parties and corporate events. We offer three set menus – popular choices for weddings and parties – and a delicious range of hot and cold tapas, paellas, salads and desserts. We also provide a full range of party catering services, from waiting and bar staff to linen, glass and plate hire and can advise you on what you’ll need to ensure your event runs smoothly.”

Services available:

* Platinum package only (until 31 January 2019)

Additional information

If you need any further assistance, please contact our Events Co-ordinator.

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