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Ceremonies in East Sussex

Changing Your Name

Your Name Your Choice! 

Changing your name is a personal choice and not a legal requirement. If you would like to change your name following a marriage or civil partnership there will be several organisations that you need to inform. 

If you are taking your partners name or double-barrelling your names then your marriage/civil partnership certificate can be used as proof of your name change. Contact each organisation to check if they will require anything further to change their records. 

If you choose to change your name to something new or require further evidence of a name change you may need to change your name by deed poll.


Passports for Newly Weds & Civil Partners

You can apply to change your name on your passport up to 3 months before your ceremony. The passport will be 'post dated' to the date of the ceremony, meaning you will be unable to use it until this date.

To apply for a passport in your new name form PD2 must be completed and signed by you, and the Registrar or Minister of Religion who will be performing the ceremony. An admin fee of £20 will be charged by Ceremonies in East Sussex for the completion of a PD2 form. Other registration districts/Ministers of Religion fees may differ. 

To have your PD2 form signed by East Sussex Registration contact us on 0345 60 80 198




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