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Ceremonies in East Sussex

Civil Partnership Signing

Step 4 – from 19 July 2021:

  • Safety, and maintaining the level of public services we can offer are our priorities.
  • Registrars will wear a face covering.
  • We’re requiring all visitors to East Sussex County Council buildings, including our Register Offices, to continue to wear a face covering in public areas and ceremony rooms (unless exempt).
  • We urge all people attending wedding ceremonies at which we officiate, in any venue, to continue to wear a face covering (unless exempt).

For the latest information about ceremonies during the Covid-19 pandemic see our Covid Update Page


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

0345 60 80 198

Your Civil Partnership Signing

Your civil partnership signing will take place in a small working office, at your chosen Register Office. This space is suitable for a simple signing in the presence of your two witnesses and the Registrar. You must provide your own witnesses, East Sussex Registration are unable to provide witnesses for you. It is not possible to personalise these signings or to bring extra guests, including children. 

Please ensure you arrive on time. Late arrival may mean having to re-book your signing for another date. 

Legal Declaration

After the Registrar has confirmed the details on your schedule, each of  you must read the legal declaration, which if preferred can be said out loud. 

I declare that I know of no legal reason why we may not register as each other's civil partner. I understand that on signing this document we will be forming a civil partnership with each other.

The appointment ends with the Registrar formally declaring you as legally joined Civil Partners. Once the legal declaration has been read/said you will both be invited to sign the Civil Partnership Schedule, followed by your two witnesses and Registrar.  


Legal certificates are unable to be issued on the day of your signing. Certificates ordered before your signing will be posted to you within two weeks of you forming your civil partnership. If you have ordered a commemorative certificate, this will be presented to you during your appointment, once you have signed the schedule. 

If you require additional certificates and you have not yet formed your civil partnership please call the Ceremonies Hub on 0345 60 80 198.

If your civil partnership has already happened, you can order certificates online by visiting the East Sussex County Council website. 

Disabled Access

Each Register Office has accessible offices and toilets. 


Privacy Notice

To arrange a civil partnership you will need to share some personal information with us. Refer to our Privacy Notice for details about how and why we use your data.



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