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Ceremonies in East Sussex

Civil Partnerships & Conversions

A civil partnership is a legally recognised partnership between two people.

Forming a civil partnership

Unlike a marriage there are no spoken vows. Instead, each of you must read a declaration and sign the civil partnership schedule. This must take place at a Register Office or Licensed Venue, in the presence of an authorised Registrar and two witnesses. 

East Sussex provides everything you need for the perfect civil partnership celebration. Beautiful scenery, fantastic local suppliers, and more than 90 spectacular venues

You are welcome to celebrate in any way that you choose, from a simple signing of the schedule, to a full ceremony.

A ceremony will allow you to celebrate with family and friends, and personalise with the addition of music, readings, and personal vows. 

Certain legal preliminaries must be completed before you are able to form an civil partnership. See Giving Notice for further information. 

There are different requirements if you wish to convert your civil partnership into a marriage.

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A civil partnership gives you the same legal rights as a married couple in most matters. East Sussex Registration cannot advise you of the differences. A table defining the differences can be found here


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