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Reusable items

Don't add to landfill with single use items, choose reusable. Whether it be your cutlery, straws, bunting, table decorations there are so many planet friendly options.

Rent it

Most things are available to hire, so instead of buying those things for the big day that you'll only use once rent them and save some money too. 


Use what you already have. Give those old jam jars, glass bottles, and those books gathering dust a new lease of life. Ask friends what they have lurking in their cupboards, you'll be surprised at what you find. 

Incorporate nature

Use what's already there, especially if you're having an outdoor ceremony. Whenever your special day, nature will provide that perfect backdrop whatever the season. 

Eco-friendly confetti

You don't have to sacrifice your confetti toss. There are so many eco options when it comes to choosing your confetti; dried petals, leaves, seed paper, herbs, fresh flowers, bubbles, the list goes on. 

Ditch the plastic

We know it can be hard to avoid plastic altogether but where you can, opt for an alternative and at all times avoid single use plastic, the only place this is going is to landfill. 

Say no to balloons

What do you think of when you see balloons? A Party? Celebration? Fun? All correct, but did you know that these fun looking party decorations are extremely harmful to both the environment and wildlife?

What about biodegradable balloons? Yes, there are such things. However, although these degrade quicker than your average balloon these can still take many months to degrade, and in this time could have harmful effects. 

You don't need to despair there are many planet friendly alternatives to balloons, such as; pom poms, paper chains, garlands, kites, and streamers. 

Whatever you decide please avoid releasing balloons, when released these quickly become litter and can prove fatal to wildlife. Although an impressive sight, the dangers they can create are less than impressive. 

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