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Ceremonies in East Sussex

Eco-Friendly Flowers

You may not realise but not all flowers are organic. A lot of flowers are grown with the aid of chemicals and fertilisers and are covered in pesticides. Not mentioning the carbon footprint of flowers that are imported. However there are ways of making your floral choices more sustainable.


Go Seasonal

The best way to reduce the environemental impact of your flowers is to choose seasonal flowers, and buy them from local florists. Doing this will not only be kinder to the planet but it will be kinder to your budget too. Ensure that you ask your florist where they get their flowers to ensure they are grown locally.


Avoid floral foam!

This just like single-use plastic does not break down and will spend its days in landfill. The chemicals and the dust it creates can also be harmful to skin and lungs after prolonged contact. So just best to avoid alltogether!


Say no to plastic

Try to reduce the amount of plastic by asking for any floral arrangements to be delivered and displayed in glass vases. These can be reused by you or as gifts after your ceremony.


Opt for a pot

Insted of using cut flowers for your centrepieces why not opt for a potted plant, herbs a tree or a succulent. As well as looking great they can also be reused. Or decorate your tables with something different such as; books, candles, fruit, let your imagination run wild.


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