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Go digital

Going digital has many advantages. Emailing your invites will save money, paper and should make it easier for guests to RSVP. 

Set up a ceremony website that provides your guests with the information they need about your ceremony all in one place. Personalise it with pictures, videos, and links to useful sites; accommodation nearby, taxi firms, gift registry etc. 

Paperless doesn't mean boring. Going digital provides you with different ways of getting creative.

Reduce the paper

If you're a stationery nerd and just can't bring yourself to go fully digital, then how about a compromise. Reduce the amount of printed stationery you have to just one fabulous piece; bespoke invites, or a beautiful hand drawn seating plan. Another great tip, have it printed on recycled paper.  

Choose recycled materials

If sending paper invites be sure to use recycled paper, or even friendlier than that choose seed paper. You should also make sure guests can recycle them afterwards by avoiding materials or embellishments that cannot be recycled. Alternative materials you could use, upcycled fabrics, old leather, wood.

Choose non-toxic ink

Where possible find a stationer/printers who use vegetable and/or soy-based ink. These inks give off less toxic emissions when they break down. 

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