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Ceremonies in East Sussex

Marrying in Religious Premises

Marrying in an Anglican church

In general, if you're getting married in an Anglican church in England or Wales you don't usually need to give notice at your local Register Office. You will need to speak to the vicar of the relevant church. If they are able to marry you then the ecclesiastical preliminaries will be followed. This involves the reading of the Banns.

You will need to give notice at a Designated Register Office if you or your partner are from outside the EEA or Switzerland and subject to immigration control.

Marrying in any other church or religious building

For any other religious wedding, it is likely that you will need to attend a Register Office to Give Notice of marriage. You will need to make an appointment at your local Register Office, or if you or your partner are subject to immigration control then you will need to Give Notice of at a Designated Register Office.

You will need to check whether your chosen religious premises have an Authorised Person who is able to register the marriage. If they do not then you will need to have a Registrar attend your ceremony to legally register the marriage.

There is an £86 charge for a Registrar to attend and register your ceremony plus £11 for each certificate ordered.

If you require the attendance of a Registrar from East Sussex or would like further information please contact us on 0345 60 80 198.

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