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Ceremonies in East Sussex

On the Day


Ceremony Start Time

The time booked for the ceremony is the time it will commence. We appreciate that unforeseen circumstances can delay your arrival however, we must ask you to ensure that you and your guests arrive in plenty of time and are ready for your ceremony to start on time. 

If the ceremony is late starting, East Sussex Registration reserves the right to amend the ceremony to reduce its duration. We also reserve the right to defer the ceremony until later that day or cancel the ceremony to ensure delays do not have a detrimental effect on any ceremonies later that same day. 

Your Celebrant Registrar

You will be well looked after on the day. Our Celebrants Registrars are both friendly and professional and take extreme pride in the ceremonies they deliver. Their aim is to provide you with a ceremony that is both meaningful and memorable.

They will meet with you directly before your ceremony to have a brief chat with you about the ceremony and check all the personal additions you'd like included. If you'd prefer not to see each other before the ceremony the Celebrant Registrar will meet with you separately. 

Photos, Videos and Social Media

It is important to capture those special moments and we are happy for photos and videos to be taken throughout your ceremony. If you have an official photographer/videographer and would prefer the photo taking/recording be left to them let your registrar know during your pre-ceremony interview, and they will make your guests aware at the start of your ceremony. The same goes for social media; if you would rather your special day wasn’t shared online then your Celebrant Registrar will be happy to make your guests aware of your wishes.


Your ceremony will conclude with the presentation of a commemorative certificate, which you can both sign. 


Where it is permitted, we encourage the use of Eco-friendly, biodegradable confetti (dried petals or rice paper). Please speak to your venue directly regarding their policy on the use of confetti. Confetti is not permitted inside any of our Register Offices or in the Southover Grange gardens. 


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