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Pre-Ceremony Interview

Both you and your partner must meet with the Registrar for a pre-ceremony interview directly before your ceremony. The purpose of this interview is to check that the details on your schedule are correct and to confirm your ceremony options. These interviews are brief and will take place in private at Southover Grange.

We understand that you and your partner may not want to see each other before the ceremony, in which case the Registrar will see you separately. 

If you would like to be seen separately, the first person will need to arrive 20 minutes before the ceremony start time and the second person 10 minutes before. If you are being interviewed together, please arrive together 20 minutes before your ceremony start time.

You do not need to bring any paperwork or ID with you on the day of your ceremony. 

Ceremony Start Time

To ensure your ceremony starts on time please ask your guests to arrive around 15 to 20 minutes before your ceremony start time. 

If the ceremony is late starting, East Sussex Registration reserves the right to amend the ceremony to reduce its duration. We also reserve the right to defer the ceremony until later that day or cancel the ceremony to ensure delays do not have a detrimental effect on any ceremonies later that same day. 


The law requires you to have two credible witnesses present during your ceremony. Witnesses should be over the age of 16, speak English and be of sound mind. We are unable to provide witnesses for you.

Your Registrars

You will have two registrars with you on the day. The Celebrant Registrar (Deputy Superintendent Registrar) will conduct your ceremony, and the Deputy Registrar will deal with the legalities and your schedule. 

Photos, Videos and Social Media

It is important to capture those special moments and we are happy for photos and videos to be taken throughout your ceremony. If you have an official photographer/videographer and would prefer the photo taking/recording be left to them let your registrar know and they will make your guests aware at the start of your ceremony. The same goes for social media; if you would rather your special day wasn’t shared online then your registrar will be happy to make your guests aware of your wishes.


Your legal certificates cannot be issued on the day of your ceremony. Any certificates you have purchased before your ceremony will be posted to you within two weeks following your ceremony. If you have purchased a keepsake commemorative certificate, you can either have this presented to you at your ceremony or have it posted with your legal certificates. 

If you require additional certificates and your ceremony has not yet taken place, please call the Ceremonies Hub on 0345 60 80 198 to order more. If your ceremony has already happened, you can order certificates online by visiting the East Sussex County Council website. 


We strongly recommend that you take out insurance to provide cover for circumstances that could result in the ceremony not taking place – for example, in the case of severe adverse weather conditions when staff may be unable to reach a venue.


The use of confetti is not permitted inside Southover Grange. 

Southover Grange gardens are owned and managed by Lewes District Council, they do not permit the throwing of confetti in the gardens. 

If you have any questions regarding the use of the gardens, please contact Lewes District Council. Contact us - Lewes and Eastbourne Councils (


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