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Ceremonies in East Sussex

Outdoor Ceremonies

Do you dream of celebrating your special day in the great outdoors?

Great news! Here in East Sussex, you can.


 Our team of dedicated Celebrants and Registrars have been conducting outdoor ceremonies for years and will assist in making your outdoor dream a reality. So if you want a beach ceremony, a woodland celebration or a tea party in the park, let Ceremonies in East Sussex make it a reality. 

Many of our licensed venues have beautiful outside structures that have been licensed for weddings and civil partnerships, offering you the opportunity to have an outdoor ceremony within the grounds of your chosen venue. You can view a list of all East Sussex licensed venues here.

However if your chosen venue or location has not been licensed for marriages and civil partnerships, take a look at 'Weddings with a Difference' for further information about how we will provide you with a ceremony at your chosen location. This will combine a legal ceremony with your outdoor ceremony.



Things to consider

There are a few things you may need  to consider when planning an outdoor ceremony.

The great British weather can be somewhat unpredictable, so it is important to have a plan B in case  the weather does scupper your plans of an outdoor ceremony. Discuss this with your venue to ensure you have an appropriate contingency plan.

It is important to think about the comfort of your guests, they are likely to be outside for at least one hour, with the ceremony lasting around 30 minutes. Will the temperature be adequate, will there be enough shade, will they be warm enough. Is your chosen location accessible to all your guests?

If holding your ceremony in a public place, such as on the beach, or in the woods. You will need to find out who owns the land and find out whether you will need permission to hold your ceremony there. It is also worth remembering that if holding your ceremony in a public place that members of the public may be in the vicinity on the day of your ceremony.

You may like to hold your celebration at home with a ceremony in your garden. Any ceremony taking place at a location that is has not already been licensed for marriages or civil partnerships then a simple risk assessment of your chosen venue or location will need to be carried out by one of our ceremonies managers prior to your ceremony.

Please be aware that although our ceremonies team will do their very best to accommodate your wishes, in certain circumstances an outdoor ceremony may not be possible and regrettably we may have to make the decision to move your ceremony inside. This will always be discussed  with you and your venue prior to making any such decisions. The final decision will be down to your Celebrant and Registrar.

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