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Ceremonies in East Sussex

Personalising your Day (Ceremony Options Form)

To make your ceremony that bit more personal, you may wish to include your own additions. Take a look below at the ways in which you can personalise your ceremony. If you would like to include any personal additions, please include details on your Ceremony Options Form. Where possible Options Forms should be submitted to the Ceremonies Hub at least one month before your ceremony.

A link to the Ceremony Options Form can be found below. 

       cassette tape love songs    ring boxes    love balloons

When you are ready to complete your Ceremony Options Form click here.

Personal additions cannot contain any religious content and must be approved by the Ceremonies Hub prior to your ceremony.


Music is usually played at your arrival, during the signing of the schedule and at the end of the ceremony. Music can be live or recorded.

Please liaise with your venue about who will be responsible for ensuring that your music is played at the right time. 


You can if you choose, include readings and/or poems in your ceremony. This can be a nice way of including specially chosen friends or family members. Your Celebrant Registrar will discuss the best place to include your readings, during your pre-ceremony interview.

Personal Vows

Writing your own vows allows you the opportunity to make additional promises to one another. Should you wish to include these in your ceremony they will usually be said following the legal marriage vows, or the reading of the civil partnership declaration. 

Unlike a marriage there are no spoken vows that must be said during a civil partnership ceremony. Instead, each of you must read a declaration which you can read aloud if you choose. 

Special Arrangements

This is your special day, and we will be happy to discuss any special arrangements you may wish to make and will do everything we can to accommodate your wishes. Your registrars will make the final decision on any special arrangements to ensure that your ceremony remains dignified, in accordance with legislation.


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