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Personalising your Day (Ceremony Options Form)

To make your ceremony that bit more personal, you may wish to include your own additions. Take a look below at the ways in which you can personalise the ceremony. If you would like to include any personal additions please provide details on your Ceremony Options Form.



Music of your choice can be played as your guests assemble and take their seats, and at the end of the ceremony. Music can be live or recorded. 

All of our Register Offices have CD, Bluetooth, AUX and docking ability. Recorded music must be supplied by you. You will need to nominate one of your guests to operate the music system during the ceremony (your Celebrant will indicate when to play the music).

If your ceremony is taking place at another venue, please liaise with them about who will be responsible for playing your music. 

Presentation of a Gift

You may wish to give your child(ren) a meaningful gift during the ceremony. Or perhaps you might like to present the Guiding Adults with a small token gift, to mark the occasion.


If you would like to include a reading, poem, prayer or short speech in the ceremony, this can be a lovely way of including a specially chosen friends or family members and adds a special and personal quality to the ceremony. 

Guiding Adults

You may like to choose Guiding Adults for your child(ren). Guiding Adults give their pledge to support and help your child(ren) throughout their life. You may like to say a few words about why you have chosen them and the role you hope they will play in your child(ren)'s life. 


During the ceremony, parents will be asked to declare their love and commitment to their children and share their hopes for their future. 

Grandparents and Guiding Adults are also welcome to make promises to your child(ren) should they wish. 

A number of suggested promises can be found on the Options Form, or you may prefer to write your own personal promises. 

Special Arrangements

We will be happy to discuss any special arrangements you may have and will do everything we can to accommodate your wishes. 

Please remember that as this is a celebration ceremony, which has no legal status it isn't subject to restrictions and can be tailored to suit you and include any personal additions you want. 

You may, if you wish, include religious hymns and prayers, or other elements and rituals. Please contact us to discuss your ideas.


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