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Personalising your Day (Ceremony Options Form)

We invite you to include your own personal additions. Look below at some of the ways in which you can personalise your ceremony. 

Details of any additions should be included on your Ceremony Options Form.

Where possible options forms should be submitted to the Ceremonies Hub for approval one month before your ceremony date.

Please be aware that forms received within 7 days of the ceremony date may not be processed in time. Your Registrars will do their best to accommodate your preferences, however the inclusion of some or all of your additions may not be possible. 

When you are ready to complete your Ceremony Options Form click here. 


Music is usually played at your arrival, during the signing of your commemorative certificate and at the end of the ceremony. Music can be live or recorded. 

All of our Register Offices have CD, Bluetooth, and AUX (couples will need to provide their own lead). Recorded music must be supplied by you, and ask that you choose one of your guests to operate the music system during the ceremony (your Celebrant will indicate when to play the music).

If your ceremony is taking place at another venue, please liaise with them about who will be responsible for ensuring that your music is played at the right time. 

Exchange of Rings

You can choose to exchange rings, or a meaningful gift during your ceremony. This will usually be done while you say your personal promises or shortly afterwards. 


If you would like to include a reading or poem in your ceremony, this can be a nice way of including a specially chosen friend or family member. 

Personal Promises

Writing your own promises can be a lovely way of personalising your ceremony. However, we understand it may be hard to find the right words. If so there are a number of suggested promises that you can choose to say if you wish. You will find these listed on the Ceremony Options Form. 

Promises can be repeated after the Celebrant Registrar or if you prefer you can read them to one another. 

Special Arrangements

We will be happy to discuss any special arrangements you may have and will do everything we can to accommodate your wishes. 

A celebration ceremony can include religious hymns and prayers, or other elements and rituals such as hand fasting or sand layering. Please contact us to discuss your ideas.


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