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Ceremonies in East Sussex

Basic Civil Partnerships (No Ceremony)

For those wanting to form a civil partnership without the addition of a ceremony, you will need to book a Civil Partnership Schedule Signing appointment at one of our four Register Offices in East Sussex; Crowborough, Eastbourne, Hastings or Lewes.

These appointments are available during normal office hours.

During the appointment you and your partner will need to complete a brief interview with the Registrar, to check that your personal details are correct. You will then be asked to read a legal declaration and sign the schedule in the presence of the Registrar and your two witnesses. This appointment will take approximately 20 minutes.

These appointments will accommodate you, your partner and two witnesses only. Please note East Sussex Registration is unable to provide witnesses and you will need to arrange these prior to your appointment.

Certain legal preliminaries must be completed before you are able to form a civil partnership, for further information see Giving Notice.

The fee for a Civil Partnership Schedule Signing is £74.

This includes the attendance of the Registrar, two statutory certificates and one commemorative certificate.

To book a Schedule Signing appointment call 0345 60 80 198.

Privacy Notice

To arrange an appointment you will need to share some personal information with us. Refer to our Privacy Notice for details about how and why we use your data.

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