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Ceremonies in East Sussex

Urgent Ceremonies

Urgent Ceremonies  

Registrar General's Licence

In the event of someone who is terminally ill wishing to marry or form a civil partnership, it is possible to do this in a short time scale under the provisions of The Marriage (Registrar General's Licence) Act 1970.

The Act provides for a marriage or civil partnership to take place in circumstances where one of the parties is seriously ill and not expected to recover, and cannot be moved to a place where a marriage or civil partnership would normally be solemnized.

Please contact our offices to discuss further 0345 60 80 198

In the event of an extreme emergency which cannot wait until we are next open, call 01273 337040

You will be asked about the details of the case and your contact details will be passed to a Registrar who will call you back to make any necessary arrangements.


Reduction of statutory waiting period

The Marriage Act 1949/Civil Partnership Act 2004 state that once notice has been given by a couple, a period of 28 days must expire before the marriage/civil partnership can be permitted to proceed. However, there is a provision in the Acts for the 28 days to be reduced in exceptional circumstances.

This reduction can be applied for at the time of giving notice or at any time during the 28 day waiting period.

A consideration fee payable when applying for a reduction in the statutory waiting period on top of the usual notice fee. This fee is non refundable and does not guarantee the reduction of the statutory waiting period application will be successful.

Please contact our offices to discuss further 0345 60 80 198

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