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Ceremonies in East Sussex


The production of making paper products is extremely damaging to the environment, and causes a huge number of trees to be chopped down every year.But with more and more people becoming increasingly environmentally conscious, it is easier than ever to opt for eco-friendly alternatives, and there are some wonderful options worth considering.

Paper invites

If you opt to have paper invites use recycled paper, or alternative and renewable materials like fabrics, leather, hemp and wood. Try to avoid embellishments that will cause your invites to be non-recyclable, glitter, ribbon, glue, sequins are amongst the biggest culprits. Seed paper is fantastic, made from recycled paper that your guests can plant once finished with and watch beautiful flowers grow.


Using soy and vegetable based ink means less toxic emissions and air pollution are given off. If using a printing company it would be worth asking what type of ink they use.
Better yet why not find a local calligrapher to write them for you. Choosing to write rather than print your invites saves the use of toxic chemicals which would have been used in the printing process, will give your invites a special individual touch and you will also be supporting a local business.


Why not go paperless altogether? Emailing your invites is a great way to lessen your impact on the environment and it can save time and money too. Going paperless doesn’t mean you can’t be creative, you can add music, create a video, or send an e-card. Electronic invites makes RSVP’ing much easier and if you have a wedding website you can include a link in your invite.


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