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Ceremonies in East Sussex

Ceremonies with a Difference

Fancy a ceremony on the beach?

Want to celebrate with a ceremony at home?

Or perhaps a woodland celebration is your dream? 

Maybe you want to include specific traditions?

These bespoke celebration ceremonies are the ideal option if:

  • Your perfect location isn't licensed for marriages & civil partnerships
  • You were married abroad and want to celebrate with a ceremony at home
  • You want to celebrate converting your civil partnership to a marriage
  • You wish to include spiritual or religious rituals
  • Your marking a special occasion

Whatever your reasons, and whatever your perfect day looks like let us help make it happen. 

Please note: A celebration ceremony has no legal status. A celebration ceremony will not result in you and your partner being married or having formed a civil partnership. A celebration ceremony allows you to choose where you hold your ceremony, and what you can include, without the legal restrictions. For a marriage or civil partnership to be legal it must take place in a Register Office or Licensed Venue and cannot contain anything religious. Celebration ceremonies can be combined with a legal ceremony if required.

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